Traveled down south with some great company and even better shooters to Mnt. Pleasant.   This is the first year in a long time 3D has been held elsewhere and I didn't want to miss it. 
    Arapeen archery did not disappoint with a great facility and targets that made everyone work for there points.   Had a tough time trying to relax the first 10 or so targets but finally settled in a little.   In the end I finished with a 634 with 2 disappointing 8's on the card. 
    Thanks for the great first host Arapeen.
Made my way up north again to shoot the NFAA state shoot with the boys at Brigham Bowman.   I didn't shoot great but I didn't flinch once the entire day so I will call it a win.  Ended at 294 with 34 x's.    It is amazing how such an easy game can get the best of you.