About Us

The Utah Bowmen's Association is an organization made of bowhunters, archers, and archery clubs. UBA is a non-profit organization whose primary function is to help coordinate and cultivate the interests of all Utahan's with respect to archery and bowhunting.

UBA is the bowhunters link to the Utah Division of Wildlife and provides the greatest opportunity for joint efforts by bowhunters to have their voices heard. The strength of UBA in this mission is directly related to the size of the UBA membership.

The greatest reason to join UBA lies within the basic principle that both the Division of Wildlife board and other politicians who ultimately make the laws in regards to our hunting regulations are influenced more by those who are organized and supporting a specific set of ideas. By joining UBA, you join in the effort to enhance all of our bow hunting opportunities and to preserve our bowhunting traditions for years to come. Now is the time. Join today and make a difference! Encourage your friends and others to join and help UBA strengthen its voice and message.  

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