Traveled down south with some great company and even better shooters to Mnt. Pleasant.   This is the first year in a long time 3D has been held elsewhere and I didn't want to miss it. 
    Arapeen archery did not disappoint with a great facility and targets that made everyone work for there points.   Had a tough time trying to relax the first 10 or so targets but finally settled in a little.   In the end I finished with a 634 with 2 disappointing 8's on the card. 
    Thanks for the great first host Arapeen.
Made my way up north again to shoot the NFAA state shoot with the boys at Brigham Bowman.   I didn't shoot great but I didn't flinch once the entire day so I will call it a win.  Ended at 294 with 34 x's.    It is amazing how such an easy game can get the best of you.
    Just want to get a feel for what the archers want in a 3D now days.  We certainly don't want to hold a shoot nobody enjoys.
     I Made the trek up to Tremonton UT over the weekend and joined the Brigham Bowmen in their Golden Spike 3D shoot.   They made a tough course in a tight space but they know how to manage and run a shoot making it a great day. With My 544 I shot far better than I was expecting even while running out of gas the last 1/3 of the course. 
    If you were one of the many people that packed in to enjoy the shoot you will be happy to hear the have even bigger plans next year.  They were 2-3 weeks out of being able to utilize the great new arena Tremonton built giving all of us something great to look forward to next year as well as enjoy the send-off shoot in the old building.
     If you shot for money and are looking to see how you did head over to
Thanks again for the great shoot Brigham,

    A new year means a new state champion.  DATUS once again kicked off the state tournament series by hosting the FITA shoot.  There was a great turnout for the last shoot before Vegas.   The over-all winner was Henry Bass with a score of 592 with 52 X's. 
     We also gave away another great pair of binoculars.  Thanks again to our great sponsor Vortex Optics we again have 6 pairs of Talon HD binoculars to raffle off at the state shoots.  The first pair was won by Steve Anderson who ironically won them last year at the same shoot.  If you are looking for your next optics be sure to give Vortex a serious look and thank them for there great support of UBA.
    The next shoot up is the NFAA 5-spot shoot that Brigham Bowmen will again host at the Bowery range in Brigham City.

Shoot straight,
Ken O.

    Kenneth Oetker

    I have been VP of tournaments for 3 years.  I really work to get show people how great shooting tournaments are for all archers. 


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